Boy doll with blonde hair
Boy doll with blonde hair

Boy doll with blonde hair

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This sweet, handmade waldorf style doll is one of a kind and makes the cutest little companion for a child or anyone seeking a special doll friend :)

This doll has short blonde natural mohair and  wears a removable hand knitted merino wool sweater.

  • Made with softest de witte doll jersey
  • Filled with pure wool
  • Soft mohair hair
  • 30cms tall
  • We use pure Irish linen and high quality printed cotton
  • Hand embroidered face

CE marked in line with post brexit requirements in Northern Ireland. Doll blush cheeks will fade over time or with washing. 
You can re apply blush using a suitable waldorf doll blush - such as a stockmar crayon.
©willingbarkis2021 made in Northern Ireland (which also remains part of U.K.)